“How much money have you lost to your competitors
because your sales team is missing the training required 
that’s costing your business 6-7 figures each week,
or even each day in lost sales that you’ll NEVER get back?”

What you don’t know is costing you and your bottom line

As forecasting goes, one thing is clear – Chinese millennial travelers and immigrants are the future of luxury spending. They are well traveled, affluent and are eager to show off their wealth through their spending on luxury goods and experiences.

The numbers don’t lie – according to Deloitte’s report on Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2016, 40% of the global spending on luxury goods come up spending while traveling and half of those travelers are Millennials age 15 to 29.

How confident is your company in selling to the highly profitable affluent Chinese market?

The art of selling to the Affluent Chinese requires a blend of expertise, imagination, methods, focus, finesse, and inventiveness.

Many companies put their sales and marketing team under basic Chinese culture training but only to realize the difficulty in implementing the knowledge into real-life practice that would make a difference to their company’s bottom line.

Those cookie-cutters, one size fits all type of training has a multitude of limitations.

For one, they don’t necessarily consider the industry your company is in, or assess both the immediate and long-term needs of your sales and marketing team to work with this market.

In order to succeed, luxury brands must really understand what makes affluent Chinese consumers pick one brand over another. Indeed, they vary sharply in their preferences.

For example, some wealthy consumers in China are always eager to showcase their status with high-end labels, while others prefer not to display their wealth.  Either way, both segments could be your most ideal clients for your brand.

Companies in a wide range of industries – automotive, real estate, finance, healthcare, premium electronics, and other luxury goods and services that fail to understand the affluent Chinese market could end up wasting millions of marketing dollars and missing big opportunities

To take advantage of these huge opportunities, businesses will need to understand how the affluent Chinese make major purchase decisions, their likes and dislikes, the do’s and don’ts, and the type of social influence that impact their purchase decisions while aligning pricing, offerings, and other practices to the group’s’ specific needs.

“Your team needs experts who have and continues to have success
working in both the Western and the Chinese markets using proven
business growth strategies”

Without these experts to guide you through the journey and process of selling to the affluent Chinese market and experience the breakthroughs that may change your team’s beliefs and paradigms in working with this market, you’ll have a very difficult time cracking the code on your own

Now let us ask you a question…

“How much money have you already lost from not effectively targeting one of the most profitable markets that’s costing you tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars in limited capital, time and resources that you’ll never get back?”

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world they have all had the same challenges that you and your company has experienced when trying to target the affluent Chinese market, and it all comes down to lack of a strong foundational knowledge of this market.

Here is a brief list of what you will discover for those companies who are qualified for our private invitation:

Understand the psychology behind the purchase decision making journey with the affluent Chinese consumers

How the successful big brands are doing it and how they’ve been able to keep their competitors out

Learn the place where the affluent Chinese are spending their time and money, and how your competitors are using it to outperform your company

…and our signature keynote:

“The Art of Selling To The Affluent Chinese: How to Attract, Sell, & Retain High Net-Worth individuals from China”

Dan Lok, A.K.A “The King of High Ticket Sales” Will Help Position Your Organization and Sales Professionals To Reach, Market To, And Sell To High Net-Worth Clients From China

Dan Lok has been a legendary rainmaker amongst the affluent Chinese elite for years. The entrepreneur, business mentor, and internet marketing authority has now become a global celebrity beyond his native Canada for both his memorable motivational tactics and undisputed business prowess.

As an Affluent Chinese himself, Dan Lok is one of the highest-paid and most-in-demand consultants on marketing and selling to high-net-worth individuals from China.

Having spent half of his life in China and growing up in North America, while speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, and English fluently, Dan understands both cultures in a refreshingly clear way that will help your business reach China’s vast and growing consumer market.

Living in Vancouver, a very much Asian city, Dan has facilitated deals worth tens of millions of dollars between mainland China Taiwan, Hong Kong, and as well as Canada and The United States.

Dan knows exactly how the Affluent Chinese make major purchase decisions and what is required to become a rainmaker within the world of Affluent Chinese.

Dan will fully brief you and your entire company in plain English, showing you an effective approach to closing more sales with high net-worth Chinese buyers no matter what you’re selling. He will not only help you get known, but will enable your company to sell directly to millions of consumers throughout North America and China.

His unique methodology applies to any organization looking to improve attracting and working Affluent Chinese buyers.

Once Dan has worked with you, you’ll become an expert in successfully and profitability selling and marketing to the affluent Chinese and you’ll see exactly why and how your company can penetrate this lucrative market.

Dan Lok Is A Highly Sought-After Speaker Who Will Deliver Your Audience An Electrifying Experience That They’ll Never Forget

As a high-performance keynote speaker, Dan has the unique ability to emotionally connect and mentally engage with business owners from all walks of life.

Dan brings enthusiasm, insight, and energy to his presentations and has a unique skill of taking complicated issues and breaking them down into simple easy to understand terms. In the years that he has been a professional speaker and a consultant, he has delivered powerful messages to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs.

When not building businesses, Dan does what he does best – sharing his knowledge, insights, and experience with other entrepreneurs and businesses professionals. He’s covered many topics such as how to experience unparalleled revenue, personal growth, financial freedom, and overall happiness.

Victoria Mui, who has done business with over hundreds of large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, will offer insights for your team to outperform your competition

Setting up your sales team for success is not fully complete without gaining proficiency with social selling. In fact, the companies that are outperforming their competitors are all connected to this one platform with nearly 900 million Chinese users.

Victoria Mui, a well recognized Corporate Sales Expert has a distinctive style that adapts to your organization’s industry, context, and specific challenges.

Along with a strong portfolio and direct working experience with large corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, McDonald’s, Victoria also has a degree in Educational Psychology; a background focused on adaptive teaching and learning methods that have enabled her to masterfully transition her expertise into strategic sales and marketing.  Her signature keynote and training are:

1) Understanding the psychology of the affluent Chinese buyer, and your position as a seller/marketer of a large corporation

2) Informative training on the top social media platform by the Chinese that is customized, and relevant to your sales and marketing team

The reality is, it’s nearly impossible to get consistent and sustainable results without a strong understanding of the affluent Chinese market, regardless of how good of a sales team you have. Victoria delivers a sales methodology that connects both the content and the context that is designed to integrate with your sales team’s existing systems and reinforce key points that drive performance.

Victoria was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada when she was just 8 years old.  Annual extended visits to Hong Kong and China and being raised in Canada means Victoria has an in-depth understanding of what Western organizations need to bridge the gap in order to have success in connecting and cultivating strong relationships with the affluent Chinese market.

Corporations and business owners have sought out Victoria for her consultation and business strategies to help with growth strategies and acceleration of sales for their business.