Largest mobile social app in Asia Pacific.

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Offering advanced features and services that go far beyond messaging to both consumers and marketers, it dominates
Chinese consumers’ mobile lives and is fast entering international markets.

By disrupting consumers’ mobile behavior and the ways marketers engage with them, WeChat has grown into a powerful mobile
ecosystem that marketers cannot afford to ignore.

Value #1: High Reachability

With SMS (Text Messages) and emails being subjected to a variety of filters, WeChat messages
are received by all your prospects and networks flawlessly and with 100% certainty.

Value #2: High Exposure
and Readership

Sound notifications, the message dashboard, and the subscription account notifications work together to constantly inform and remind your prospects that you have messages for them waiting to be read. This makes the open and readership rate extremely high.

Value #3: Fully Customized

Strategically customized “push” notifications to prospects that have been segmented by their geographical area, targeting localized messages to followers that are specific to their taste and preferences.

Value #4: Tailored Buyer’s Path

Using the sophisticated built-in tools like the ability to customize the menu design to create a strong visual impact to guide the buyer’s path for your online WeChat shop. This has made mobile shopping that much more convenient for your prospects, simplifying the checkout process and thus increasing your sales.

A strong marketing campaign can take your prospects from Online to Offline (O to O), packing your retail store with a flood of prospects who can’t wait to experience your products and services.

Value #5: Boosting
Brand Value

The depth of WeChat platform allows businesses to position themselves as the authority leader in their industry through precision marketing and engagement to attract your most ideal prospects, getting the type of instant brand recognition and prominence that your
business needs.

Value #6: Expert Curation of
Content Topics, Content
Editing and Broadcasting

Through meticulous research on what’s trending and what appeals most to your audience, we create highly recommended topics that would attract the most viewership.

Value #7: Follower Services

Building a strong foundation of 100% organic followers with a genuine interest in staying connected to follow your content that offers engaging articles, company updates, and carefully chosen content that offers value.

Value #8: Reach Targeted
Audiences through KOL
(Key Opinion Leaders)

Imagine the type of exposure and leads you would get by advertising on some of the most popular pages and accounts of thought leaders.

We work with some of the most KOL leaders on the platform.